10 Unique and Hilarious Items Parents Swear Help Teething Children

These hacks can be real life-savers.

As a parent, there's a steep learning curve when you're taking care of a child who demands your full attention. The different stages of development come with their own set of challenges, but when your child goes through teething it can feel like a new level of hell. How do parents cope, especially when it feels as though nothing is working? These parents either have dealt with or are dealing with the stress of teething children. Find out the unique and creative tips they've mastered to soothe their babies.

Whatever works.

Maybe it still tastes like gum.

. Working Mother

Sometimes relief comes from unexpected places. Photo: Whisper

Thank goodness for otter pops.

. Working Mother

Soothing and delicious. Photo: Whisper

A win-win.

. Working Mother

That actually sounds really good. Photo: Whisper

Who doesn't like pancakes?

. Working Mother

Breakfast can help anything. Photo: Whisper

Now that's creative.

. Working Mother

A ready-made teething ring. Photo: Whisper

The best teething solution.

. Working Mother

Treat yourself (and your baby). Photo: Whisper

An early way to get kids into veggies.

. Working Mother

Just don't mix in any jalapeños. Photo: Whisper

Reusable and easy to clean.

. Working Mother

Pop them in the laundry when your kids are done. Photo: Whisper

Talk about self sacrifice.

. Working Mother

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Photo: Whisper

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