Combating your baby’s teething problems – Teething tablets can be dangerous!

Teething tablets can actually do more harm than good.

The US Food and Drug Administration have reported about 10 deaths of children who used homeopathic tablets and 400 such other adverse events which are related to teething tablets. The FDA also warned mothers and caregivers to stop using any such products which mothers usually use to soothe and comfort teething babies, and they also suggest that mothers should take their children to health professionals immediately as they experience such issues.

The agency is still investigating about all the adverse cases, and events involving casualties as the actual relationship between such deaths to homeopathic teething products has yet not been determined and is still under investigation. The deaths are triggers by symptoms like lethargy, fever, vomiting, tremors, sleepiness, irritability, shortness of breath and agitation and this has kept occurring for the last six years.

Are there attorneys who can save such victim families?

Mothers who have a teething baby usually bring out some good solutions to relieve them of their severe discomfort that they face during the process of teething. Traditionally, they want a treatment to this which is not only effective but is also safe for their toddler. This is when they reach out to homeopathic remedies which claim to be made up of all-natural ingredients sans harsh chemicals. But this is not the case most often.

Many times, lawsuits have been placed on the homeopathic teething tablet manufacturers by the people who purchase such remedies. Despite the FDA issuing a safety alert about those resources, many are still ignorant about its deceptions. There are expert law firms which deal with medical malpractices, and you’re supposed to get help from them when you face such an issue.

Will this stop such medicines from being manufactured?

Hyland is a well-known manufacturer of such homeopathic anti-teething medicines, and they’ve claimed to stop distributing such harmful products throughout the United States. The company wrote in a letter that they chose to discontinue the production and distribution of its teething products. The company took such a drastic decision in the light of recent warning that was issued by the FDA.

Such an alert causes panic and dilemma among parents, especially moms who used such medicines as they suddenly found limited access to such tablets. Not only the FDA but also the American Academy of Pediatrics’ has also warned moms and parents to steer clear from such teething tablets.

Natural teething remedies for moms

  • Reduce any inflammation: During teething, there is lots of inflammation which stimulate the nerves and cause pain. You may opt for low inflammation diet, little stress and give him food which controls blood sugar.

  • Boost its immunity system: When you enhance the protection system of the baby, it gets more power to deal with ailments. Give him Vitamin D, continue with breastfeeding and give probiotics.

  • Give teething toys: Sometimes all that your baby wants is something to chew. There are safe teething toys, silicone teething rings, wooden teethers and many such options that you can try out to comfort your baby.

So, if your baby is suffering from teething ailments, make sure you avoid giving him teething tablets and instead follow the natural remedies given above.

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