Common Misconceptions about Diaper Rash [Like Disposable Diapers Cause Rash]

Diaper rashes are a common problem among babies worldwide. Nearly every baby faces this problem during infancy.

When a problem is this big, some myths and misconceptions begin to generate automatically. As a parent, it’s important that you recognize the myths about diaper rash.

Here are the most prominent ones:

Disposable Diaper Causes Rash

Diapers are always the first ones to get the blame when it comes to nappy rashes. In fact, the name of these rashes is also ‘diaper’ rash. According to doctors, they are not the cause of these rashes.

If you use a good diaper or a strong absorbent, you’ll not have to worry about the development of rashes in your babies’ buttocks.

Diapers keep your baby comfortable and can provide them (and you) with a good night’s sleep. They don’t cause rashes.

Big diapers Don’t Cause Rashes

It is also a popular misconception among parents. Just because a diaper is too airy or doesn’t fit your baby properly, it doesn’t mean it’s good for your baby.

You should try to get your baby a fitting diaper and not a loose one. A well-fitted diaper will keep your small one happy and comfortable.

So does a big diaper prevent rashes? No.

If the Diaper Doesn’t Leak, it’s Okay

Actually, it’s not okay. If the diaper isn’t leaking, it doesn’t mean that it is absorbing the fluids properly. Maybe the top-layer of the diaper is wet, which can cause rashes.

Many parents think if the sheets aren’t wet, then everything is good. But the reality is, you have to check the diapers too, whether they are leaking or not.

My Baby has a Diaper Rash Because it’s Teething

This is a controversial topic. Some parents believe teething is directly related to diaper rash while some don’t.

So, you should take the help of experts. According to recent studies, there is no direct relationship between teething and diaper rash. Diaper rashes are caused by infrequent diaper changes, diarrhea, etc.

The cloth is Better than Diapers in Preventing Rashes

Parents who prefer cloth prefer diapers believe it prevents rashes. It might be suitable for their babies but it has been proven that diapers are far more effective in absorbing liquids and keeping your baby comfortable.

The cloth will absorb the liquid and remain wet for a long time. This will only lead to the development of rashes instead of prevention.

The same notion applies to low-quality diapers. If the diaper doesn’t absorb liquids effectively, you should prefer to switch brands or start using efficient absorbers for the same.


By now you must’ve found the reality behind many diaper rash myths. In general, preventing diaper rash is easy. All you need is a good diaper, strong absorber, and love.

Remember to cross-check everything you hear and you’ll not fall into these myths. Your baby’s butt will thank you!

Do you know any notions which might be myths? We can help.


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