How to Comfort Babies with Diaper Rash. [Not just the cream]

There are many things you can do to stop the rash.

As a parent, it gets saddening to see your baby crying because of a rash. Diaper rash makes it uncomfortable for the babies to sleep and play around.

But don’t be sad. You can do a number of things to comfort your baby and treat the diaper rash effectively. You’ll find out those things in this article:

How to Treat Diaper Rash Effectively

Keeping the Area Clean

According to AAD, change the diaper frequently and make sure your baby doesn’t wear a dirty diaper for too long. Whenever you clean the area, pat it dry instead of rubbing.

That’s because rubbing the skin can lead to irritation which causes diaper rash. Even if the diaper is only wet, don’t hesitate in changing it.

If you’re worried you’ll have to wake up frequently at night, get a high-quality absorbent. It’s important to keep that region of your baby clean and dry.

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Increasing Passage of Air

Some parents overtighten the diaper. Don’t do it.

It prevents air from entering the region, which boosts the growth of germs. Let the baby roam around freely without wearing anything.

Mayo Clinic suggests let the baby stay free from diapers (or cloth) around three times a day for 10 minutes each time.

You can use large diapers during the rash to keep the airflow constant.

Using Aloe Vera

Studies show applying aloe vera on the affected areas is a great remedy. You can also apply calendula on the affected region.

Giving Daily Baths

Use warm water to give baths to the baby. Make sure that you give daily baths to the baby during the rash.

Applying Ointment

Creams are effective and there’s no denying this fact.

The market has plenty of diaper rash ointments and creams available without prescriptions. However, you should consult with the doctor before using any of such applications.

Diaper rash products contain zinc oxide. You’ll not have to apply much, just a little will help. To avoid the diaper sticking to the cream, you can apply a little petroleum jelly on top.

Don’t use any products that aren’t meant specifically for babies. You don’t know how they may affect your baby and react with the skin.

Note: Don’t use products having diphenhydramine, boric acid, baking soda, salicylates or camphor. They can be toxic.

Consulting with the Doctor

If the diaper rash isn’t the only symptom, you’ll need to consult with the doctor for the treatment. In case the baby has a fever, or the rash doesn’t go after the above treatments it is imperative for you to consult with one.


Comforting your baby during the rash isn’t difficult. Make sure that you treat the baby’s skin gently and you’ll not come across many problems.

Have you followed any of these tips? Let us know.

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