What in Real Causes Diaper Rash to Your Babies?

The best way to avoid a problem is to know its causes. And when the problem is as irritating as a diaper rash, knowing its causes becomes more than necessary.

Moreover, there are so many myths about diaper rash that it becomes very difficult for new moms and dads to recognize the true causes. That’s why we’re here to help.

In this article, you’ll find out the real causes that lead to diaper rash in babies so you can find them out and act accordingly:

What are the causes of Diaper Rash?

Leaving the Dirty Diaper for too long

If your cute one slept in a wet diaper all night, it will develop a diaper rash. Your baby’s skin is quite sensitive and the germs present in poop and urine can irritate it, causing the development of rash.

That’s why diarrhea leads to diaper rash.

Solution: Change the diaper often. Or, start using a high-quality absorbent for nights or long commutes.

Infection (Yeast or Bacterial)

Skin infections can cause the baby to develop rashes as well. The diaper area (buttocks and thighs) is especially susceptible to bacterial or yeast infections. Why?

Because it remains moist, most of the time. The infection starts with the creases and folds but quickly spreads to other areas.

Solution: Use baby powder or cream while changing the diapers. And let your baby stay free from diaper for some. Let those buttocks breathe!

Also, make sure you wash your hands properly and frequently. Your hands can also transmit the germs.

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Babies have very sensitive skin and when a rough cloth or diaper rubs against it regularly, it leads to the development of rashes. Chafing irritates the skin leading to this problem.

Solution: Get softer diapers and/or wipes. Your baby might be uncomfortable with the current one.

New Foods

When babies start eating solid foods, it impacts their bowel movements. The changed bowel movements affect the poop and so, the baby gets a diaper rash.

Babies can develop rashes due to food allergies as well. YOu’ll need to check which foods are your baby allergic to.

If you’re breastfeeding the baby then what you’re eating can also cause diaper rashes to the baby.

Solution: In most cases, it goes away on its own. If it’s an allergy then you’ll have to stop feeding that substance to the baby.

Skin Sensitivity

Eczema or atopic dermatitis can also be the causes for diaper rash. These skin conditions lead to the growth of rashes but mostly in other areas.

Solution: Consult the pediatrician.


Antibiotics cause diarrhea in babies. Apart from that, they also kill the good bacterias (the ones who keep the yeast away). Due to both of these reasons, your baby can develop a diaper rash.

Solution: Treat the diaper rash normally. Use ointments to help the area heal quickly.


One thing to note, if you use baby powder for the treatment, keep it away from the baby’s face. Babies can inhale the powder which is dangerous.

Apart from that, use a high-quality absorbent for nights and long commutes. Remember to treat the baby’s skin gently and you’ll be good to go.

What do you think of these causes? Let us know.

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